Obama to Host White House Seder

This night is definitely going to be different from all other nights.

President Barack Obama will sit down with friends and staff members for a Passover Seder on Thursday night in what is believed to be the first-ever White House Seder hosted by a commander in chief, the Jerusalem Post reported.

"I'm really happy to hear about it," said Steve Rabinowitz, who led a Seder at the Clinton White House that was not attended by then-president Bill Clinton. "It's been an extremely open White House to all faith communities, certainly including ours."

The traditional Jewish holiday celebrating the Jews' liberation from slavery in Egypt begins Wednesday at sundown but the president is hosting a Seder on Thursday so that those in attendance can first celebrate the holiday with their families.

"Jews are a vital component in the mosaic that is American culture and society," said William Daroff, head of the Washington office of United Jewish Communities. "Our welcome through the front door, and the dining room door, of the White House speaks to the inclusiveness of today's America and of President Obama."

"This is indeed different from all other nights," he said.    

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