Scoop: Octuplets Mom Boosts Magazine Sales

Nadya Suleman has clearly become the celebrity weekly gift that keeps on giving. Sales of Life & Style went through the roof when the magazine put the mother of 14 on the cover. Now, Us Weekly also stands to have a successful week thanks to a photo exclusive with Suleman.

But how did Us obtain the photos and who might be profiting from them? The magazine confirms that they licensed the photos through the photo agency Splash. As for whether Nadya Suleman is getting a cut of the deal — interestingly, a source said no, it’s her mother who is working behind the scenes and handling any financial arrangement. (Splash’s comment, “Unfortunately we cannot give out any information.”)

Talk of a reality show for Suleman, which had been bandied about by TLC, has faded. The cable channel recently said, “TLC is not pursuing any program at this time with Nadya Suleman. We wish the family well.”

A-Rod still tied to Kaballah, not Madonna
Some heavy hitters within the Kaballah community were surprised to see Alex Rodriguez wearing the religion’s iconic red string bracelet when he gave his press conference Feb. 17.

“What a joke. He’s so not been involved with Kaballah lately,” said one Kaballah follower who worked with Rodriguez several months ago. “I guess if he’s still wearing the bracelet, though, he’s hasn’t ruled anything (with Kaballah) out.”

His ties to the religion might be more intact than those with Madonna. A-Rod took model Melissa Britos to the Scarpetta eatery in Miami Beach on Feb. 13 — and it was all to make Madonna jealous, reported Us Weekly.

“He’s hanging out with her as a jab at Madonna for her public affection toward Jesus Luz,” a source told Hot Stuff.

Madge has, in fact, been seen in public with her boytoy. On Feb. 11, the two were spotted at NYC’s Macelleria. “They were taking bites off each other’s plates,” a source told Us Weekly. “Madonna is fickle, though. She turns on a dime.”

Kanye prepares for Paris Fashion Week
Kanye West, having conquered the music world, is ready to take on the fashion industry. “There’s nothing more to be said about music,” he told Details. “I’m the f---ing end-all, be-all of music.”

West has had his own fashion label, Pastelle, for three years. His latest venture is a sneaker line that his new hero, Marc Jacobs, will introduce at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.

“Marc Jacobs is my fashion idol because of the way he merges all worlds, the way he’s big in the hood and the head of the No. 1 fashion house in the world,” West told Details. “For me, Jay-Z’s my big brother, but what he was to me in rap is what Marc Jacobs is to me in fashion — the feeling I get when I look at him is exactly what I got when I’d look at Jay-Z in the studio.”

Paula’s ‘Idol’ picks
Paula Abdul has revealed her favorite “American Idol” contestants — and this season, she doesn’t even seem to be sleeping with any of them.

“I can tell you that the guys have some standouts,” Abdul told Life & Style. “That kid Danny Gokey is one of my favorites. Adam Lambert is pretty darn amazing. So are the guys who play the dueling pianos (Matt Giraud and Ricky Braddy). And Scott (MacIntyre) the blind kid, is fantastic.”

Her love doesn’t end with “Idol’s” men. “I love Megan (Corkrey),” she said. “Oh, and Jackie Tohn — she’s great.”

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