Sadistic Cat Killer Strikes Again

Police find more felines mutilated, forcing two cities to join forces

A sick serial cat killer has upped the body count to 26 dead after even more innocent felines were found mutilated and massacred in South Florida in the past few days.

Cat owners in Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay are on edge and on the hunt for whoever is torturing and killing their precious pets in broad daylight.

The death toll of the cat butcher rose to 26 today, and over the weekend a Palmetto Bay woman found her cat mutilated in the middle of her yard.

"It was of course dead and it was laying on its side and one of its eyes was out and it was skinned from like the waist down," said the woman, who didn't want to be identified. "It was horrible."

Residents have begun to take drastic measures, posting wanted signs and keeping their cats locked indoors or letting them outside only under close supervision. Last week, Plametto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn warned cat owners to keep their cats inside until the case is solved.

The killings, which began May 13, have been similar in nature, with owners finding their pets cut open, skinned or otherwise mutilated and left in their yard.

"He 's just going around mutilating these poor little animals, maybe that should happen to him," the latest victim's owner said. "He's a very sick person and this is how they start out, torturing animals and mutilating animals and then they move up to humans, so he needs to be caught because he really is sick."

Officials continue to investigate the killings and the Humane Society has increased its reward to $3,500 for any info leading to an arrest in the sadistic slayings.

"These individuals are obviously dangerous individuals because they're mutilating these innocent animals," said Miami Dade Police Lt. Nancy Perez. "They are helpless little animals. We just want to make sure we bring them to justice for what they've done."

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