ROLL CALL: Are The ‘Gossip Girls' Going Gay?

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“Gossip Girls” Go Gay?: Just because “The OC” made Marissa a lesbian for a few episodes, doesn’t mean Josh Schwartz’s “Gossip Girl” is going to do the same with series characters Serena and Blair. Rumors are swirling that a Sapphic storyline is in the works for NYC’s hottest Upper East Side girls, but E!‘s Kristin Dos Santos sets the record straight! (no pun intended) “That’s insane. No, we’re not planning anything like that,” a show insider told Kristin. Fans looking for an LGBT themed story on “Gossip” will have to be satisfied with Serena’s brother Eric and his search for love.

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Neighbors Call Cops on Kate: Kate Hudson throws one heckuva Halloween party! It was so raging that her Brentwood neighbors called the police, The New York Post’s Page Six reported. Kate, who was reportedly dressed as a 60’s flight attendant, was asked to bring her guests inside. Courteney Cox showed up as a witch with David Arquette, who came as a warlock. Winona Ryder reportedly came as a mouse and Cindy Crawford came to Kate’s party as British songstress Amy Winehouse, complete with nose accoutrements.

Gerard & His Pair Of Vampires: The cops might have been banging on Kate’s door telling her and her guests to keep it down, but their presence reportedly did not dampen Gerard Butler’s holiday spirits. The actor, who came to the party as a cowboy, reportedly caught the eye of many of Kate’s party guests. “All the girls at the party were lining up to talk to Gerard,” an inside party source told the paper. Gerard might have had girls flocking to him, but it appears he chose to end the night with a Halloween theme. “He left with two very sexy vampires,” the source added.

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Ne-Yo’s Michael Jackson Almost-Fainting Moment: Speaking of celebs who love a good costume, Ne-Yo told OK! Magazine that meeting Michael Jackson for the first time almost put him on the floor. “I actually got a chance to meet him, and that was a very, very, embarrassing situation: it was one of those, “I’m-not-going-to-faint-but-I-kind-of-want-to-faint situations,” he told the mag. Luckily for the young singer, he was able to stay conscious. “We sat and talked about music and what direction he would like [the album] to go.” And when the mag tried to get Ne-Yo to break news on Jackson’s new album. “No, no, no, no, no! He made me swear I wouldn’t say!”

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