Prez Day Special: What's on Lincoln's iPod?

Lincolnmania continues, this time with a musing on what the 16th president would have uploaded to go

In honor of President's Day, the current fever surrounding all things Lincoln, and the fact that we now have a president who actually seems to have heard of popular culture - we added the latter two, but still -- NPR classical music guru Miles Hoffman pondered what Honest Abe would have on his iPod, had they existed in the 1860s.

Highlights: Abe was most definitely a music lover. While the Civil War was raging, he apparently liked to unwind with a good opera. (And operas are long, so he probably wouldn't have made do with a Nano or a Shuffle.) But he also liked "popular music and sentimental ballads," which makes us wonder if Lincoln in '09 would be one of those closet mushies -- guys who bluster about with their Coldplay and their Kings of Leon but who, behind closed doors, have "Wind Beneath My Wings" in heavy rotation. For the full story on Lincoln's iPod, head here.

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