Poodle Skirts, Milkshakes, and Jason Priestly, Oh My!

Oh my god, touch up your brown lipstick and fluff your bangs... no, not that much.  Brandon Walsh is totally going to be at the diner tonight! 

An old-fashioned dining car is coming to DC, so yes, you can finally live out your Beverly Hills 90210 fantasies in the proper Peach Pit-esque setting.

Early yesterday afternoon, a historic Silk City diner was towed from upstate New York -- where it had been since it was put into service in the 1940s -- to its new home in DC's Trinidad neighborhood.

The diner, manufactured in 1947 by Patterson Vehicle company, will be dubbed Capital City Diner, once it opens at 1050 Bladensburg Road, the site of a former used car lot that was shut down by Mayor Adrian Fenty last November.

Not long ago, the lot was covered with trash and used car parts, said Mike Rupert, communications Manager at the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. "New buildings have been erected... and improvements have been made... but they're broken up by these used car lots," said Rupert.  "This is an economic core... it could be a nice neighborhood where families come to shop and eat." 

Co-owner Patrick Carl, who lives in Trinidad, had the community in mind when he bought the diner -- from Ebay, of all places.

"The neighborhood needed a restaurant with good food, prices, and service," he said.

Carl and his business partner Matt Ashburn expect to operate the eatery from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends. You can expect typical greasy-spoon classics, and breakfast will be served all day for those of you who like to eat pancakes and watch "Harold & Kumar" at 3 a.m for... um... no apparent reason.

"It's a great project... I hope it happens, but the city's not helping," Carl said.

The restaurateurs hit a road block in their efforts this afternoon, when they received a Stop-Work Order. "They say we're occupying public space... but we have a retainer to use public space," said Carl.

According to Mike Rupert, the City's working to get the project moving again.

"They let the delivery dates set the timetables, not the inspections," he added.  "We're doing our best to help them... it will work out."

Capital City Diner is projected to open by August.

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