Pets Fly High With New Airline

Let your pooch fly in style

Pets will have the chance to experience a first-class flight beginning in July. A new airline, Pet Airways, will let pets travel in the main cabin of a plane, unlike many other companies.

The creators of Pet Airways started the business in an attempt to simplify the process of transporting pets when planning for vacations. Many airlines will only allow smaller animals to stay in the cargo hold.

Airfares start at $149. The exact cost is eventually determined by the size of the pet carrier and the distance traveled. Initially flights will be available to and from Washington D.C. (BWI), Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Denver.

The journey begins as soon as the owner drops a pet off at the Pet Airways lounge and the animal is given a “potty break” less than two hours before the flight. Pets are then allowed to board the plane, where an attendant checks on them every 15 minutes. Once the plane has landed, pets are given one last opportunity to use the bathroom before they are reunited with their owners.

Pets can be checked in up to 72 hours before their flight or they can stay overnight at their destination in the Paws Lodges. The Web site’s pet tracker will allow owners to monitor the status of their trip.

For now the company will only serve cats and dogs. However, they may expand their services to include other animals, such as birds and reptiles, in the future. People are not allowed to ride in the plane.

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