Paris Getting Sued: That's Not Hot

Hilton hit with lawsuit in Miami

Paris Hilton may party too much and lack business skills, but she's also the "busiest person on the planet" who tries her best to fulfill her obligations.

That's what the air-headed heiress is claiming as she defends her work ethic in Miami federal court in a lawsuit that alleges she didn't do enough to promote her 2006 movie bomb, "Pledge This."

The deposition of Hilton for the case reveals just how absent-minded the 28-year-old really is, discussing her lack of knowledge about her own cell phone bills to her preference for appearing on Letterman over Leno because Jay's questions are more challenging than Dave's.

"Any chance I got, any red carpet, any press, if I was doing something for another product ... I would just bring it up, 'Oh, my new sorority film, it's going to be sexy, it's going to be really hot girls' -- like I really, you know, did my best," Hilton said in the deposition.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Miami investor in the film, who claims to have lost over $8.3 million on the movie, arguing it would have made more had Hilton done her part.

In the deposition, Hilton says she promoted the film plenty, appearing at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. She claims the investors made unreasonable last minute demands that cut into her busy schedule.

"She's the single busiest person on the planet," Hilton attorney Michael Weinstein said yesterday at a hearing.

Jason Moore, Hilton's manager and schedule maker, said in a deposition that she hasn't taken a day off "in years," starting work at 6 a.m. or earlier, often clocking in for 18-hour days. He said changing her schedule was like "controlling chaos," between her reality show, modeling contracts and promotional appearances.

The documents show Hilton made over $22 million in both 2006 and 2007, even though she doesn't keep track of her cell phone bills.

Asked who got her bills, Hilton said, "I don't know. I'm assuming, like, whoever pays my bills. I never ask about that stuff."

Despite being named as one of the producers on the failed flick, Hilton wasn't quite sure what that title meant.

"I'm not sure what a producer does, but -- I don't know, help get cool people in the cast," she said.

As for Leno and Letterman, she'll only appear with Dave, even though he made fun of her 2007 jail stint.

"I told his people that I would never do the show again, but then he apologized and called me and sent me flowers and was very sweet, and he was on the air a lot at nighttime like asking me to come back on the show, and we made up," Hilton said.

Hilton had been asked by the Movie's producers to appear on Jay's show but Moore said Hilton won't do Leno because during an appearance he apparently asked Hilton some out-of-the-box questions she wasn't prepared for.

"[He] didn't follow particular guidelines with regard to why we were there and promoting. We would never do Leno," Moore said.

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