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If there’s one band that represented British music in the ‘90s, it was Oasis. But though The Verve didn’t get as much attention as the band fronted by Liam and Noel Gallagher, they were were one of their biggest inspirations (outside of the Beatles).

When The Verve, a Wigan, England born five piece split up (well, technically they split up when just four members remained in the band), they were riding high off the success of “Bittersweet Symphony.” The song, whose video featured frontman Richard Ashcroft angrily storming through New York City, may not have made them a lot of money (it instead made money for Mick and Keith, thanks to its use of an orchestra re-do of The Stones’ “The Last Time”), but it did get them sold out American tours and a Rolling Stone magazine cover.

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It allegedly took a lot of behind the scenes calls which the band still won’t admit to, to get them back together, but I (for one) am thankful that they have.

If you caught their tour of the U.S. earlier this year – including an absolutely magnificent date at Coachella this past April, you’ll know that the boys getting back together was a marvelous thing.

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Their set, back with guitarist Nick McCabe, arguably the most emotional rock guitarist Britain produced in the ‘90s, was epic. And so is the new album, “Forth,” their fourth LP.

The first single, “Love Is Noise,” which the band played at Coachella, picks up where they left off – strong, emotive rock — but adds in a modern twist with heavy synths. When it was released early this summer in the U.K. it netted a top 10 chart position.

“Valium Skies,” is another winning track on the album. Frontman Richard Ashcroft offers his trademark wailing over McCabe’s picturesque, sensitive guitar lines on the track. It’s so typically Verve; it would fit handsomely on any of the band’s albums.

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