Obama's Bipartisan Schmoozefests

Why is he being so nice to everybody?

This guy, Barack Obama, is going to be our President in less than a week and yet he spends all his time dining with, or holding supersecret meetings with, pundits. Pundits and ex-presidents. Is this normal?

Several days ago he met with an assortment of elite Republican commentators, including George Will and Peggy Noonan, in order to thank them for throwing Sarah Palin under the bus during the 2008 campaign. The only Palin supporter in the room, Bill Kristol, had to sit at the kiddies' table and was not allowed to use utensils.

Even though it seemed like left-wing bloggers would jump all over this dinner party as the rankest and most vile hypocrisy, most people were pretty chill about it -- probably because they understood that Obama's dinner companions weren't "real" Republicans anyhow, just another assemblage of Georgetown and Manhattan fat cats with fancy shoes.

Then Obama went ahead and decided to romance a few more members of our punditocracy, meeting with several generally liberal-type reporters and bloggers, plus Andrew Sullivan. Early reports suggest that no food was consumed at this outing, because Democrats are such ill-mannered slobs they would have been talking with their mouths full the whole time.

So the question here is: what's his angle? Everybody knows that Presidents are supposed to shun the press and call them a pack of lying idiots, while holing up in the White House for lonely chicken-pot-pie dinners and solo bowling games. Entering the Washington party circuit and hobnobbing with elites just means two things: late nights and big dry-cleaning bills. Barack Obama must put a stop to this nonsense already and get to the People's Business, which is to say, eating microwave dinners alone in front of the television and silently cursing Maureen Dowd.

Sara K. Smith writes for Wonkette. She has never been to dinner with anybody famous.

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