Obama Win Brings Peace To ‘The View'

The first sign that Barack Obama can unite the country? Conservative and John McCain supporter Elisabeth Hasselbeck shook hands and fist-bumped liberal Joy Behar on “The View.”

Hasselbeck threw her full support behind Obama, saying his election is “a victory for this country.”

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Behar couldn’t resist throwing in a zinger, asking “Does this mean I was right all along?”

Sherri Shepherd broke down in tears relaying how she told her young son that Obama’s victory meant he had “no limitations.” She said when she was younger and wanted to be a comic and an actor, someone in her family told her “go get a job in the post office, they don’t let people like us do that.”

Whoopi Goldberg says even though she always thought of herself as an American, after the results were in, she felt for the first time that she could put her suitcase down.

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