Nothing to Wine About

... Except that pounding headache the morning after

Cork Wine Bar owners Diane Gross and Khalid Pitts are about to bring out their latest venture, a gourmet market, reports Amanda McClements of Metrocurean. Construction on Cork Market -- down the street from the wine bar -- will begin next week. Anticipate an early-fall opening.

The two-story market will carry all the necessities for a simple, rustic (in the yuppie sense, anyway) meal at home. The ground floor will offer nearly every wine featured at Cork Wine Bar, as well as various specialty beers and gourmet food. The upstairs will host private events and wine classes.

Need a mental image? Imagine a store-sized picnic basket, chockfull of bottles of wine, charcuteries, cheeses, baked goods, and jams. Got it? Good.

Cork Market also hopes to maintain consumer loyalty through order tracking, personal service, and local delivery. The store will be able to track your purchases  and offer take-home tasting notes -- and the next time you visit the store, you'll get suggestions for wines that align with your preferences. (Ooh, creepy.)

Cork Market
1805 14th St. NW
Opening September or October 2009

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