Bam Breaks with White House Dress Code

President Barack Obama is bringing change to the wardrobe in Washington.

The new commander-in-chief is relaxing the formal dress code and will do away with the rule imposed by President Bush that required staffers to wear coats and ties at all times when inside the Oval Office, the New York Times reported.

Obama also set the precedent for business casual weekends at the White House. When he met with chief economic adviser Larry Summers on Saturday the President sported slacks and a gray sweater over a white buttoned-down shirt, the paper reported.

Some staffers showed up to the meeting wearing jeans -- something that Bush did not allow.

"I'll never forget going to work on a Saturday morning, getting called down to the Oval Office because there was something he was mad about," Dan Bartlett, a counselor to Bush, told the Times. "I had on khakis and a buttoned-down shirt, and I had to stand by the door and get chewed out for about 15 minutes. He wouldn't even let me cross the threshold."

Former presidential adviser David Gergen described Obama's style as "Aloha Zen."

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