Matthew McConaughey Blogs His Travels

Matthew McConaughey just traveled across the Americas – and lived to blog about it.

“Took a 14-day road trip with my buddy Gus down to southern Baja,” he wrote on his MySpace blog on Saturday. “He and I became great friends on the road 16 years ago and we needed to get back on track with our friendship and do some of that old fashioned phi-loso-phising that only a road trip can render.”

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Along the way, he wrote, his car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and the pair were rescued by an 82-year-old woman, who loaned the star a truck – with 263,000 miles on it.

“That truck got us to a place where we could get the gear to fix MY truck and get back on the road. Good-hearted strangers and trust… cool,” he wrote.

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Matthew also spent some time camping across America recently – some 4,206 miles of it.

“I was once again reminded of how good-looking this country is,” he wrote, before turning to more serious matters. “I was in some predominately ‘red’ states when President-elect Obama was elected. I talked to a bunch of people who had voted for McCain and — check this — unanimously, those same people were genuinely excited and hopeful about Obama being elected.”

Beyond that trip – which included a birthday at the Grand Canyon — the wayfaring star also went to his girlfriend Camila’s native Brazil to visit her family.

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“Found a very proud and happy culture there,” he wrote. “We ate, we drank, we danced, and they tolerated my stumbling through the Portuguese language… I will return, beautiful country.”

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