Jon & Kate Mom Put Hubby on $5 Allowance

If Jon Gosselin of  “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was stepping out on his controlling wife Kate, he was doing it on a tight budget.

Kate Gosselin limited her hubby to a $5 a day allowance, according to the latest issue of US Weekly.

"She used to give him only $5 to spend, and if he was out and needed more money, she would give him hell," his former employer at Style Craft Corp, David Rothermel told the magazine.

Rothermel details more of Kate’s overbearing behavior traits for the magazine, including an outburst in Jon’s one-time office. Rothermel recalls an extremely pregnant Kate storming in and starting a fight.

"She came in raising hell because Jon's father was supposed to bring her lunch and he was late," he said. "She got up out of bed rest to come in and yell at anyone who would listen!"

Kate’s controlling nature is no secret. The mother of eight once famously told her beaten-down husband to “stop breathing so loud.” But her ill behavior isn’t reserved specifically for Jon. She’s apparently mean to everyone.

When the sextuplets were born a friend of Jon's father donated a 14-passenger van to the family. But a source close to Jon said Kate "never thanked" her father-in-law’s friend for the gift. Instead, "she traded it in because she hated the color burgundy," the source tells the magazine.

The hate-on-Kate theme hasn’t hampered the show. The couple’s woes have had the reverse effect. Monday’s season premiere was the highest rated episode yet, with 9.8 million viewers tuning in to see the dysfunctional family at work -- that's nearly double their earlier record for the season four finale.

Monday’s viewers were treated to an exasperated Jon lamenting his situation.

"I can't write. Some people say I can't talk or breathe right, either," he said in an individual diary segment making reference to the “breathing” comment. The individual diaries are a change from past seasons and a symptom of the couple’s troubled marriage.

Kate, for her part, admits she’s “been hard” on her hubby during their 10-year marriage.

"I would never deny that. I've always regretted it," she says.

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