Kasabian Tells All

English Alt/Indie Rockers Talk About Their Best Album Nomination

Serge Pizzorno and Tom Meighan from the popular English band Kasabian answer the DC Scene's questions about touring, making music, and, post-show fun.

DC Scene: Your new album, Empire, was nominated for the 2006 Q Awards Best Album, which took place in London recently. Other bands nominated included Snow Patrol, Muse, Keane, Razorlight, and the Artic Monkeys. What does it take to get put into this class of musicians?
Serge: It's nice to be nominated and I think what we all have in common is a strong fan base and we like Muse and the Artic Monkeys.

DC Scene: How did you come up with the idea for the "Shoot the Runner" video? Awesome video, I must say.
Serge: After making the video for Empire, which was a rather grand, epic affair, we wanted to make a video that brought it back to basics, so to speak, but we didn't want a run-of-the mill performance video, either: it had to have a twist. Alex and Martin's (directors) idea summed up the sexiness of "Shoot The Runner" and had an edge to it. People think the whole video was animated but we were actually filmed performing and then we were pelted with balloons full of paint. They then drew over each individual frame to get the end result.

DC Scene: Noticed you have some tour dates in Japan early 2007. I take it you guys are well received over there?
Serge: Japan has always been good to us. Since day 1 the Japanese have got us and our music. They're not afraid of anything new or different: they actually seek them out!

DC Scene: What direction did producer Jim Abbis (Artic Monkeys, Paul Oakenfold) have you going in for your second album? How did it differ from your first?
Tom: I think Jim brought a richer sound to this album compared to our first one.
DC Scene: Where is your favorite club to play and why?
Tom: There's a club in London called Koko which I always love playing at.

DC Scene: After a show, what does the band enjoy the most?
Tom: Having a merry old drink up!

DC Scene: What can't you live without when on tour?
Tom: TV and clean laundry.

DC Scene: What other bands are you currently digging?
Tom: A Scottish band called The Fratellis and I think the Scissor Sisters are great because they look like they have fun, which is what I like about them.

DC Scene: Timothy Leary -- former advocate of LSD -- is mentioned in a song on your first album. What is one thing you would say to him if you had the chance to meet him?
Tom: How does it feel?

DC Scene: What were you for Halloween?
Tom: A Jedi knight!

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