John Mayer Blogs (And Sings!) For Obama

John Mayer has never been one to keep quiet. But the singer has spoken out for presidential candidate Barack Obama in a big way this week, writing a Huffington Post blog entry and even singing a spontaneous Obama song at the BlackBerry Storm launch party at the Avalon in LA on Wednesday.

John’s blog post, titled “‘Hope’ Is Not a Buzz Word,” remembers the moment after 9/11, when he was a 23-year-old just starting his career.


“If you were a young adult just entering his or her individual life, there was an added twist; how can you process the idea of everything changing and things never being the same when you have no point of reference for what ‘everything’ and ‘the same’ is?” he wrote. “My generation has come to know itself as the generation that should have seen the good days, my, were they spectacular, now take off your shoes and place them on the belt.”

But in the face of what he called “the despair of 9/11,” John wrote that Barack Obama has inspired him — and his generation.

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“Just when I’d thought my only role as an adult was to help shoulder the nation through its darkest days (known to us as ‘the rest of them’), Obama gives me the feeling that I could be alive to witness one of the most brilliant upturns in a country’s history,” he wrote. “Imagine that — a young adult in this day and age being given something to someday brag to his children about having [been] alive to witness.”

As he walked down the red carpet on Wednesday night at the BlackBerry event, he began singing a song abut the Democratic candidate, causing an uproar as the press swarmed in around him.

“I’m dedicating this to Obama,” he said before singing about getting out the vote.


“On election day, Obama, don’t delay, send yours in right away,” he sang.

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