Jerry Springer Joins Cast of Chicago

Talk show host extraordinaire Jerry Springer is set to have his theatrical debut this summer when he joins the cast of Chicago in London’s West End. Here’s hoping no fights break out during the show.

Springer, 65, will reportedly play the role of lawyer Billy Flynn at the Cambridge Theatre for the play’s six-week run starting on June 1. Incidentally, the Cambridge is the same theater that once hosted “Jerry Springer – the Opera,” though Springer did not star in that high-brow take on his guttered legacy.

Besides being best known for hosting  "The Jerry Springer Show,” Springer has also donned hats as mayor of Cincinnati, “Dancing with the Stars” contestant, and attorney.

It’s that last title that has Springer hopeful he can pull off the part, even though Playbill reported he said he has “never sung before, unless there’s a shower going.”

But he added: “I know enough about the character, not just being from Chicago but I'm a lawyer and I'm also in show business. There are elements of the character that I can draw upon I think.”

If it seems odd to imagine why British audiences might shell out the pounds to see a brash yank like Springer, perhaps it’s because they recognize his inner-Briton.

Springer was born in a London tube station during World War II and his family later moved to America.

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