Inti Offers Authentic Peruvian Flavors

Although right near a well-known Mexican restaurant, Inti is able to infuse its neighborhood with Peruvian flair, and a sense of Latin American authenticity that has been lacking in many restaurants in the Dupont area.

While the menu may not fool any Peruvians into thinking they're back in Lima, it definitely leaves diners feeling like they've moved a little further south. The flavors and ingredients are sufficient to satisfy anyone who can't afford to fly down to South America, and Peruvians and non-Peruvians still frequent the restaurant when in need of some staples. The ceviches are a popular starter for diners, if they don't get filled up on the complimentary fried Andelean corn the waiters bring out. Corn infused drinks also offer an alternative to the ubiquitous margaritas that tend to be an all too popular stand-by in Latin restaurants.

Inti's main dining area consists of a well-lit basement space, with cheery yellow walls and, you guessed it, Peruvian pan flute music playing in the background. Inti derives most of its ambiance from the back patio area. It appeals to many patrons during the warmer winter months, and is especially alluring when lit with tiny Christmas lights at night.

The service can be hit or miss, but at its best the waiters are polite, attentive, and genuinely nice. The food is all decently priced, especially when serving size is taken into account. Most entrees are around $15, and the majority of the appetizers are meant to serve more than one.

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1825 18th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

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