High Heels a Hit in Dupont

The annual High Heel Drag Race was well attended

Tuesday night, one of D.C.’s favorite Halloween traditions hit the streets once again. The High Heel Drag Queen race was off and walking once again.

This year the costumes were as big and fabulous as usual, but some even added a little political flair as two walked the race as Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton. There were also huge decorated and glittery signs as the whole event promised to be glamorous and over the top.

If you missed the event, you missed out on quite the show but also a massive crowd. Onlookers commented that it was almost difficult to see because the number of people witnessing the night was so huge.

If you plan on heading out next year, make sure to get there early! Even though the race itself starts late, there is a parade before-hand that is always a fan favorite!

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