Freeze! You're on YouTube

Hartford police are jumping on the YouTube bandwagon.  They're using the video sharing site to post surveillance video and photos of suspected crooks caught in the act.  They're hoping when they put the suspects on the screen, someone viewing the site will be able to identify them and will call police with the information.
Angel Arce knows the importance of surveillance video. Street cameras caught a horrific hit and run accident where his father, Angel Arce Torres, was the victim.
"I think that would be a good idea for the fact that if anybody did a crime here in Hartford jumping from state to state, it will be seen throughout the world because that's what that website is about," says Arce.
Hartford Police posted the hit and run video on YouTube as well, but so far there have been no arrests in the case. Still, Arce says all steps need to be taken to catch these criminals.
"Maybe some of these things would touch somebody's heart and they will call and give a tip," said Arce.
That's exactly what Hartford police are looking for.
To look at the YouTube postings, click here.
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