Gifts for Do-Gooders

You know those people who don’t want gifts because they just want to do good in the world? There’s no need to cross them off your list! All you have to do is find the perfect gift that will make them feel good… and in the process you just might end up feeling good yourself.

First, figure out what their key cause is. Animals? Health research? Kids? Green? The list goes on. Start with what’s important to them and cater your gift idea to that.

Once you know where to focus, you can make a donation to a favorite charity in their honor. Many charities offer creative ways to give – like sponsoring a shelter animal or providing presents to underprivileged children. You could even throw a fund-raising party so that you can spend time together and give to a worthy cause. Some stores, such as the online GoodShop, will donate money to charity while you shop for gifts.

Give the gift of time and volunteer together. Or find an event – like an awareness walk – where you can enjoy each other’s company while doing good.

Write them a letter to tell them how much you admire them. Do-gooders are often so busy focusing on other people, but you can focus on them by sharing how they’ve had an impact on you. It will be far more meaningful than a DVD.

If you still want to give a more traditional gift, you can still keep their cause in mind. How about a pet portrait session? Or an eco-friendly blanket made with sustainable or recycled materials? Just showing do-gooders that you’re thinking of what’s important to them will be more important than the gift!

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