Get Your Groupon

A Pyramid scheme for everybody (oh, but it's legit)

Searching for a Pyramid scheme without the risk? (Aren't we all?)

Groupon, a Web site dedicated to doling out coupons to groups (hence the name), launched a DC branch Wednesday morning.

Every day, the site will offer a new coupon for a group activity in the DC area. Besides the expected discounts for restaurants and bars, Groupon will also feature deals catered to specific interests. Women primping for their "Real Housewives of DC" audition will be happy to see groupons for spa dates with their besties, while dudes seeking a quick thrill can snatch up a groupon for skydiving with their bros.

When Zan Dial of Nova Personal Chef approached Groupon to learn more about the business, he quickly fell in love with their concept. "The idea of getting a half-priced spa day as a gift for my girlfriend, tickets to a show for pennies on the dollar, AND being able to reach thousands of new clients with my personal chef and catering business is a no brainer," says Dial.

In the weeks ahead, you'll find a Groupon for five of Dial's catered gourmet dinners for two people -- at half price. Sounds like a deal to us.

How's it all work? When you see a deal you like, click the "Buy" button before that day's offer expires at midnight. If the minimum number of people sign up, you'll receive a printable gift certificate in your e-mail inbox the next morning, which you can use whenever you want. If enough people don't sign up, no one gets the coupon (and no, you won't get charged). That means you get to bug your friends to join until they grudgingly relent. Victory for all!

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