Gah! Murky Coffee Is Closing

Whyyyyyyyyyy is this happening? Oh the humanity!

Outspoken Murky Coffee owner Nick Cho should have known better than to issue this news on April 1, but he reports on his blog: "The property here at 3211 Wilson Boulevard was sold last year, and market rent is simply more than we can afford."

And yes, stop thinking it's an April Fool's Day joke. It's really, really not.

The owners of Liberty Tavern will be opening a new coffee joint in the space, after extensive renovation, which should mean patrons will no longer trip over gaping holes in the concrete floor.

But we just won't know what to do with furniture that's not lime green, covered in stains and filled with broken springs! Not to mention, of course, the best coffee you're likely to find in Arlington.

So the folks at Murky are closing down around April 30, and reopening around May 7 at 5th & H streets NW as "Wrecking Ball Coffee."

Meanwhile, you have 30 days left to enjoy Murky Coffee as you know it, before it joins other dearly departed victims of Arlington's further yuppie-ization. Dr. Dremo's, we hardly knew ye.

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