Firefighter Convicted of Fatally Running Over Man in Revenge

A firefighter has been convicted of running over and killing a man with his SUV, in what he says was an act of self-defense but prosecutors say was an act of revenge. 

A Prince George's County jury found Gregory Bowyer Jr. guilty Thursday of second-degree murder in the February 2017 death of 21-year-old Nate McKinnon. 

During the trial, both sides agreed Bowyer had fatally struck McKinnon. Bowyer's attorney, Glenn Ivey, said McKinnon approached Bowyer and his daughter with a loaded AK-47, but prosecutors said the weapon was never aimed at Bowyer and wasn't in McKinnon's hands when he was struck. 

Prosecutors said McKinnon was part of a group of people who had fired a gun at Bowyer's daughter during a dispute the night before.

D.C. fire officials say Bowyer is still on leave.

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