Ever Heard of a Doga Studio?

Human and canine yoginis get Zen in Dupont

See, your dog can exercise... and you can just... lie there on a mat. Yay! Everybody wins.

If you've ever watched a wriggly puppy get all stretchy after waking from a nap, you know that dogs can be yoginis, too... although they might get a little (OK, or a lot) distracted.

Tranquil Space Yoga hosts Doga in the Park this Saturday -- a human/canine yoga class at Rose Park (23rd and P streets N.W.). Yoga teacher and Tranquil Space founder Kimberly Wilson will lead an all-levels yoga class in the park.

If humans are good and sit down/stand up when they're told, they'll get treats! And so will the doglets -- theirs are coming from Doggie Style Bakery. Of course, yuppie-style activities like dog yoga must always be paired with treats from gourmet pet bakeries. That's just the way it goes. Trust us.

So bring your yoga mat and your dog -- or borrow one/both as needed. The event runs 11 a.m. to 12:30; a donation to the Washington Humane Society is suggested.

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