Elegance on Eighteenth

Eighteenth Street Lounge is an upscale Dupont hangout

If you really want to feel like a true Washingtonian, then Eighteenth Street Lounge is the way to go. Don’t be fooled by the lack of signage and unmarked entranceway when rolling up to Eighteenth Street. The sacredness, if you will, is the basis of its appeal. Once entering and paying a hefty cover charge of $10, you’re free to roam about the elegant, three-story, renovated brownstone.

When planning a night out at Eighteenth Street, make sure to dress to impress. It’s a well-known fact that guys will be turned away for sporting light colored jeans, baseball hats and flip-flops. Ladies should be in appropriate evening wear, as well, but flash a smile and you’ll be good to go!

Music is the main reason for Eighteenth Street’s high credibility. An evening at the lounge will have you listening to a wide variety, including Italian Bossa beats, Middle Eastern melodies and Indian rhythms. Part-owners Eric Hilton and Rob Garza and fellow recording artists formed the group known as Thievery Corporation, along with creating the Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label. ESL has regular deejays scheduled nightly Tuesday through Saturday, but it’s a mystery as to who will be hanging out on the rooftop. Be prepared to see some locally known entertainers.

Eighteenth Street caters to all types of private functions and groups of various sizes. The upper floor is known for a more intimate feel with a maximum capacity of 50 attendees while the Gold Room can hold anywhere from 60 to 150. So whether you’re planning a birthday celebration or a bridal party, ESL is a venue that will have your party talking about it for weeks.

All in all, Eighteenth Street Lounge is the place to be if you’re looking to be seen. The lavish furniture and sophisticated ambiance are just the right recipe for making it with the A-listers.

1212 18th St. NW
Metro: Dupont Circle or Farragut North

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