Talk To D.C.'s Green Guy!

I love George Hawkins.   He's the director of the District's Department of the Environment.    

You want to get jazzed about green?   Talk to George!    He's an enthusiastic and passionate conservationist who has walked the walk.   And he wants to make it EASY FOR YOU.

The District has a great program to help residents green up.   

You can talk to him on Earth Day!

Here's the link they sent to me:

DDOE Director George S. Hawkins will take questions from an online audience during a live chat Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 2 p.m. The editors of the Greater Greater Washington blog will moderate the discussion and carry it live on their own website as well.

Director Hawkins will address Mayor Fenty's plan for a greener, more sustainable District of Columbia, and is prepared to discuss air and water quality; recycling; lead and toxic substances; fisheries and wildlife; and renewable energy.
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