Dubya to Charge $150,000 to Speak

The president is set to embark on a luxurious nationwide speaking tour

Former President George W. Bush may be out of a job, but he'll still be raking in the dough.

The ex-commander in chief is set to launch a nationwide speaking tour, charging a hefty $150,000 for each talk, the Daily News reports.

Bush's fee also includes his transportation via first-class airline or private jet.

"There will always be people who want the prestige of a former President," one public speaking expert told the News.

The Washington Speakers Bureau is pitching Bush as the president who "made difficult decisions that will shape the nation's course and world affairs for decades to come."

We like to think of him as the one who created the beautiful word "strategery."

The first speech will be March 17 in Calgary, Alberta. It's being advertised as "A Conversation with George W. Bush."

Speaking engagements netted President Bill Clinton nearly $6 million last year -- he raked in about $350,000 a speech, the News reported.

Texans who want to hear Bush speak will save some cash: local speaking engagements for Bush, who recently moved to Dallas, only cost $100,000.

Then again, you could always meet the guy for free at your nearest hardware store.

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