Drew Scary-more

The star of "Grey Gardens" keeps working the bag lady look

To look at the coverage of Drew Barrymore from Coachella that's making its way around the Internet, it appears the once-beautiful actress has fallen off the weird wagon.

Barrymore was photographed this weekend at the SoCal rock festival sporting Ziggy Stardust-style streaks of white and blue around each eye and what appears to be the remnants of a bird glued to one side of her head.

"Grey Gardens"

In 2007 she was voted World's Most Beautiful by People magazine. But later that year she began filming "Grey Gardens" alongside Jessica Lange as the real-life mother-daughter cat lady duo of the Bouvier clan. 

The role of "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale required Barrymore to dress like a half-mad hobo, and with the premiere of the HBO film earning her rave reviews, it seems that the Covergirl model has decided that, for now at least, the crazy lady look is working for her.

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