DC Clothing Store ‘Showing Off' In City

Despite these tough economic times, a small clothing business in the District has found a way to strive.

Show-Off Clothing is located on Georgia Avenue in Northwest. It has been providing customers with original design clothing, such as tennis shoes and T-shirts, for about a year.

"Everyone wants to have what we have because no one has what you have," business owner Deon Hill said with a small chuckle.

The 24-year-old teamed up with 21-year-old artist, V.J. Sanyeneh, to create the unique business.

Sanyeneh designs the clothing and shoes for Show-Off, and says it began with a passion for drawing in middle school.

Sanyeneh is a graduate of Northwestern High School in Prince George's County. Hill graduated from Blair High School in Montgomery County.

Hill supports the business with a second job as an air conditioning repairman.

"The finances have to come from somewhere. If you don't have someone investing in you, then you have to work to get it," he said. "Though I do another job, the people around me help to run the store."

Hill said the decision to jump into the market in a struggling economy was an act of faith.

"You can't believe in time You can't believe in money. You have to believe in faith and know that one day, your dreams will come true," he said.

Hill said knowing that other people love his clothing is what keeps him motivated.

How much you pay for one of the designs depends on what you get. Bring in a plain tennis shoe and Show-Off can jazz it up for about $60 or more.

For more information, see Show-Off's MySpace page.

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