Cash For Cluckers — Faux Real!

PETA says go veg (of course)

Thinking of weaning yourself off of fried chicken sandwiches served with a side of chicken nuggets and a chicken pot pie for dessert?

Just like the federal government is helping take gas guzzlers off the streets, PETA wants to help get evil chickens out of your local grocery store by offering a Cash For Cluckers program.

PETA is offering a $1 rebate and a free copy of its "Vegetarian Starter Kit" to any shopper who buys his or her first box of chicken-less cutlets or nuggets.

The good news: You don't have to like it to get the rebate, apparently.

Even better news: We doubt an infusion of $2 billion will be needed to keep the program going after the first week.

More from PETA's blog: "Our Cash for Cluckers program should inspire everyone to come out and try environmentally friendly products ... which offer the spot-on texture and flavor of chicken flesh, minus the animal suffering."

The spot-on texture and flavor of chicken flesh minus the animal suffering? Sign us up!

You can find out the details of the rebate program by clicking here.

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