Bon Iver on “Chuck”

I don't watch TV much the past decade or so, so I don't know if this is a common trend, but apparently "Chuck" features a lot of strong indie music.

To avoid the ire of rabid "Chuck" fans -- and I know they're out there in droves -- I don't want to knock the show. Seems like it's pretty clever and funny, I just don't watch TV. I do work at NBC, though, and sometimes I catch glimpses of the show in the background, like last night, when I heard "Creature Fear" by Bon Iver. I was shocked.

I found myself happy for Bon Iver but sad at the same time. Happy he's getting exposure, but sad that such exposure comes through primetime television. Particularly on a show which intros with that Cake song I find to be one of the most infuriating and annoying songs around -- it's rip of the Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" riff drives me to distraction. (I hear this Cake song played on jukes often and always jump right up to put on "Sweet Jane" -- credit where credit is due).

So I never would have guessed good music would be on the show, but then I went to the "Chuck" website and TV Show Music and saw a host of bands I dig on there. From the not so surprising New Pornographers, Shins, Spoon, National and Band of Horses to shockers like Love as Laughter, Blitzen Trapper and Crooked Fingers. And more Bon Iver.

I intended to bemoan the underground going mainstream, but I find myself saying kudos to "Chuck."

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