Blago Kisses Family Goodbye, Heads to Work

Says he didn't see Saturday Night Live skits

It's back to work today for Gov. Rod Blagojevich

He first emerged from his home with a large suitcase, which he loaded into the usual mini van, along with his wife and daughters.

Questioned about whether or not he is considering resignation, Blagojevich just said, "Good morning."  

A chorus of political voices have called for the governor to resign, including President-elect Barack Obama and, most recently, Secretary of State Jesse White.

"I am once again urging Governor Rod Blagojevich to step aside or resign immediately.  This is the first step for our state to move forward to regain its integrity," White said in a statement released Monday morning.

Blagojevich did not respond to questions about whether his daughter or wife were leaving for any length of time to get away from all the media attention.  But, he gave his daughter a big hug and kiss as she sat in the car ready to leave.

A short time later, the governor himself left his house saying he was going to work.  He said, "It's a good day. The film tax credit creates jobs. I'm going to sign that bill. I'm going to the office. Will be in touch."

Asked about the scathing, but comical skits on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, he said, "I didn't see it."  The SNL pieces poked fun at his hair and the allegations of selling a Senate seat.

Blagojevich spent most of yesterday shopping for a lawyer, spending hours in the office of Ed Genson. Genson represented Conrad Black and singer  R. Kelly

Last night, Genson said a formal announcement on him likely taking the case could be made today.

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