Bead Stampede

Wait a sec... there's Mardi Gras parade in Clarendon, the most tranquil 'burb ever?

Sad to say, the Arlington neighborhood of Clarendon generally doesn't encapsulate the brazenness, inebriation, partial nudity and other non-G-rated-but-really-fun shenanigans of a real French Quarter Mardi Gras.

Nope, in Clarendon, you're more likely to witness a bunch of guys wearing pastel ties. Walking past the Pottery Barn. On their way to get a salad for lunch. OK. We get it. Clarendon is, well, a bit buttoned-down.

So it's high time to freak out the locals.

The Clarendon Mardi Gras Parade is goin' down Tuesday, Feb. 24. Floats, beads and music come from Clarendon business owners and community organizations. Enjoy your very own, very local Mardi Gras, although we're thinking you probably won't see any machines churning neon globs of Hurricane Drinks. Attention, people: We also hate to say it, but the laws against open containers ARE still in effect. Unless those open containers are holding, like, green tea.

Parade lineup starts at 7 p.m. Since the procession kicks off promptly at 8, we're guessing you'll still have plenty of time to get to bed early that night. After ironing your button-down shirt for work the next morning, anyway.

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