Barack Will Get His BlackBerry Back

The commander in chief will get a new, souped-up BlackBerry

The BlackBerry is back in the White House.

President Barack Obama will soon receive a new, revved-up BlackBerry that's loaded with high-tech security software to keep the commander in chief's business private, the Washington Times reported.

Obama, a BlackBerry junkie, was forced to give up his beloved hand-held in January when he took office per a presidential custom that requires leaders to relinquish personal e-mail addresses, cell phones and other communication devices.

The ultra-secret BlackBerry 8830 that President Obama will receive is currently being looked over by National Security Agency experts, who are packing the phone with secure software so hackers can't access White House communication.

"With the recent foreign cybersecurity threats it is important that President has a BlackBerry that is completely secure at the top-secret level," said Gary S. Elliott, one of the developers of the security programs on Obama's BlackBerry.

The President will be allowed to use the phone in and around the White House and on presidential trips, the Times reported. Top White House aides, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama, are also expected to receive copies of the secure BlackBerries.

Obama should have his hands on the new 8830 in a few months.

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