WWJD? Probably Not Rob His Local Bank

Numerical typo by bank wasn't a gift from God

If your bank misplaces a decimal point after you make a relatively small deposit, don't assume that the Almighty is granting you a Heaven-sent cash bonus of more than $175,000.

That's what one Pennsylvania couple did after they deposited $1,772.50 in their bank account and the bank recorded it as a $177, 250 deposit, according to MSNBC.

Police say that when Randy and Melissa Pratt noticed the error, instead of returning the money, the pair quit their jobs, left Pennsylvania, and moved to Florida. The husband claims the bank ignored their inquiries about the discrepancy and so they considered it "a gift from God," probably because God has that long record of encouraging shiftless unemployment and becoming a fugitive thief.

Randy Pratt is currently jailed on felony theft and conspiracy charges in a county jail. His wife, who claims to be estranged from her husband was released on an unsecured bail.

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