An Arlington Sports Bar with Personality

Off of the beaten path known as Clarendon Boulevard, you’ll find a cozy feeling sports bar called Mister Days Sports Rock Café or better known just as Mister Days. Not only is this a popular bar amongst the college crowd, it is also home to more than 100 TVs displaying every happening game.

The two-story building is a newer addition to the neighborhood, as it used to be located at 18th and L Street in D.C. and has since moved to Arlington. With a new parking lot located across the street and the Clarendon metro stop only a block away, the location screams convenience, even if you’ve had one too many.

A dance floor located center stage on the first floor is a popular place for everyone to let loose. The music ranges from 80s hits to modern day hip-hop. If that doesn’t cut it for you though, a very accommodating DJ is happy to play your requests. And if you’re not there so much to socialize as you are to have a cold one while you enjoy the game, you might want to head up to the terrace floor where the majority of the TVs are located.

Good food and reasonably priced drinks are also a draw to the bar. Nightly specials during the weekdays like a New York strip dinner on Mondays for just $9.95 or 25 Buffalo wings for $5 on Fridays. During the weekend there are also easy ways to save a buck at Mister Days, like coming before 9 p.m., because that’s when the cover charge starts.

Mister Days
3100 Clarendon Blvd.
Arlington, VA.

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