Ann Coulter Ignites ‘The View'

Last week, Ann Coulter squared off against Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” show, and Monday the conservative political pundit brought her provocative point of view to ABC’s “The View.”

The tension was thick from the get go, as Barbara introduced Ann, saying, “We’ve all been discussing your book on camera.”

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“Yes, I’ve heard,” Ann said, interrupting Barbara.

“Good, you should be pleased,” Barbara snapped back, which silenced Ann.


The hot topics quickly boiled over when talk turned to Ann’s view on single mothers.

“What is your issue with single mothers?” Whoopi inquired.

After a lengthy tirade, Ann then took issue with the manner in which Hollywood is portraying women having children out of marriage.

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“It’s the new thing, as opposed to the sex tape,” Ann said of single moms. “Hollywood, mainstream media, the New York Times, women’s magazines, exalting single motherhood, movie after movie about single motherhood, book after book, sisters are doing it for themselves.”

Whoopi stopped Ann’s rampage against single moms, asking, “Are you married? Do you have kids?”

“No, but it wouldn’t change the difference of the facts I cite ,” Ann said, referring to the claims she makes in her book.

“Well, it would,” Whoopi countered. “If you had children, you would know more of what you’re talking about.”

The talk took a particularly awkward turn when Ann accused Barbara of reading her book like it was something Adolf Hitler had written.

“I’ve never heard my book read aloud, like you’re reading Mein Kampf, and I just did,” Ann told Barbara, referring to Hitler’s manifesto. “Read it like you’re reading Mein Kampf again!”

“I don’t think I did,” Barbara said.

“I think you did,” Ann snapped. “You spat out the words, like I wasn’t sitting here.”

“I don’t appreciate the way you’re talking to her,” Sherri told Ann defending Barbara. “Nobody is attacking you. You don’t have to talk to her like that!”

Luckily, Whoopi wrapped up the madness by taking it to commercial.

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