A Food Oasis at Roofers Union

Adams Morgan has never been a traditional foodie destination spot -- which is why Roofers Union (2446 18th St. NW) is a welcome addition to the scene, displaying the impressive and well-established talent of Executive Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley.

For starters, the can't-miss-dish at Roofers Union is unquestionably the chicken wings ($8). Basted with a sriracha honey glaze, the chicken wings burst with textured sweet-and-sour flavor, thus combining an American staple's beautiful meatiness with the heat of Asian spices. I literally licked my fingers after each chicken wing as well as unabashedly eating every single chicken wing plated.

Another dish to give a second glance to is the cauliflower ($8). Showcasing the emergence of vegetables as centerpieces in restaurant menus, Chef Meek-Bradley's cauliflower elegantly presented itself with a crisp burst of mint and a bit of salt as a result of the pine nuts tossed throughout.

Of course, if vegetables aren't what bring you to dinner, I would start with the creamy satisfaction of the French onion dip ($6). The French Onion Dip has the same consistency as my favorite Greek yogurt, but with the smooth finish of frozen yogurt. Basically, for me, the French Onion Dip combined all of my favorite yogurts into one dip-worthy dish!

After sampling several starters, it may be difficult to waddle through the remaining courses; however, the fried chicken thigh sandwich ($12) is beautiful. With the same sriracha honey glaze as the chicken wings, it may be overkill to order both the starter and main dish. However, if a seasoning is perfection, then why not gorge yourself on its fabulousness?

Of course, the inherent danger with this is not leaving room for dessert. The amazing sundae ($6) with fudge also comes with a delightful pretzel praline, adding a savory element to this sweet, as well as the pineapple upside-down cake ($6) with homemade vanilla.

Additionally, the beautiful dining space make Roofers Union feel welcoming and fun. My sole complaint with Roofers Union is that the mixologist seems to be struggling with finding the right balance between the sweet and savory elements of the cocktails. Some drinks trend too bitter despite its sugary ingredient base.

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