USPS Letter Carriers Advised to Use Their Discretion

The U.S. Postal Service worked under regular operations Monday - but advised customers of potential lobby closures due to Sandy and advised letter carriers to use their discretion as to where and when it was unsafe to deliver mail.

Letter carriers were authorized to return to their offices when they determined it was unsafe to stay on their routes.

In addition to lobby closures, postal customers were advised that mail delivery and collection could be delayed by impassable or unsafe roads.

Meanwhile, USPS employees in the D.C. area are working around the clock to secure mail, facilities and equipment.

“We give every consideration to safety,” USPS Capital District Manager Kelvin Williams said in a statement released Monday. “We will make sure that our postal employees are not in harm’s way while performing their duties and we will ensure that each post office is safe for our customers.

“Our letter carriers will make every effort to deliver their routes during the storm, as long as they feel it is safe to do so. If they find conditions to be unsafe for delivery, they are authorized to return to their office immediately. Their personal safety comes first. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will continue to do so throughout the week.”

In the event of mandatory evacuation orders by local, state or federal officials, the USPS will suspend services in those areas.

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