Severe Storms Possible Wednesday Evening

Thunderstorms possible

There is a chance of scattered storms and showers through the evening, but the fireworks in downtown Washington went off without a weather incident -- a welcome sight to those who have been dealing with the aftermath of last week's powerful storm.

The best chance for strong storms Wednesday night is west of I-95, Storm4 meteorologist Doug Kammerer said.

Storms started popping up before 5 p.m. Showers to the northwest of the region could get stronger as they move into the area and pick up energy from the heat. There is potential for damaging wind, large hail and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes.

A high of 99 degrees Wednesday is just off the July 4 record 100, and it's humid, too. D.C.'s hyperthermia alert was activated about 2 p.m. as the heat index reached 97 degrees with a temperature of 94. The heat index in D.C. climbed to 104.

Heat is the No. 1 weather killer, so follow all the usual precautions: Stay inside as much as possible, don't overexert yourself and drink plenty of water.

Maryland's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued a heat advisory for Wednesday and Thursday. Expect a high close to 100 degrees again Thursday.

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