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Why Is This Weather So Unendingly Miserable?

And will we ever see the sun again?



    Why Is This Weather So Unendingly Miserable?
    Our lives, every day now.

    What is happening with this weather, and why is it making us want to all hide in our beds watching Netflix when we should be outside riding bikes and complaining about allergies?

    And will this rain-soaked misery ever end?

    In case you've lost track, Storm Team4 says we've been locked into this gloomy, damp, we-never-want-to-go-outside-again weather pattern for going on 10 days now. Yes, we're now entering the double-digits of dreariness.

    And we've got at least another two days before it's finally over.

    Midday Weather, May 4

    [DC] Midday Weather, May 4
    Storm Team4 Meteorologist Tom Kierein has the forecast for May 4, 2016.
    (Published Wednesday, May 4, 2016)

    We're really, really sorry about that.

    The weather pattern over the D.C. area right now is stuck in a cloudy, cool and damp mode due to upper-level low pressure, which is slowly drifting over our region. Very slowly.

    Even more dreary news: All this cloudiness is sharply reducing warmth from the sun, keeping our temps much cooler than average, said Storm Team4.

    The average high this time of year? Seventy-three degrees. Temps right now? They're about 10 degrees cooler than average "thanks" (not really) to all these low, thick clouds.

    And the lower levels of light and the reduced intensity of daylight can affect our moods.

    Hang in there, everyone. This pattern will be with us through the end of the work week.


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