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Spring Gardening

Get your shovels ready



    Spring Gardening
    Spring Gardening

    Are you looking to save some money and eat healthier? How about your own vegetable garden this year?

    Just last week, first lady Michelle Obama began organizing her new White House garden with some of her closest friends. Students from Washington's Bancroft Elementary School were there to help and talk about the importance of eating healthier.

    Well, you can catch up to the first lady and plant your own vegetable garden. 

    Despite the fact that the average date of our last freeze is March 30, it is OK to plant now. Vegetables like chives are hardy to frost and light freezes.

    Click the photo on the left for a short list of what you can begin planting now. Many of these are ready to harvest or snip after just 60 days. 

    For distance between rows in planting check with the Maryland COOP or Virginia COOP.