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Sorry, Kids, More School Ahead

Schools Release Snow Day Make-Up Schedules



    Sorry, Kids, More School Ahead

    There’s often quite a bit of excitement among kids when a school announces a snow day. That excitement has started to fade.

    What many don’t realize is that snow days aren’t freebies. They all have to be made up before the end of the school year.

    Thanks to a busy winter in the D.C. region, with three huge snowstorms so far, those missed days have added up to complicated schedules for some school districts around the metro area.

    Students at DC Public Schools missed four-and-a-half days of classes due to winter weather.

    To help make up the time, DCPS is adding two days to the end of the school year. The last day for classes will now be Tuesday, June 22.

    DC students will also have to come in on March 19 and May 17, two days they previously had off. June 18 has also been changed from a half-day to a full day.

    Alexandria City schools have a more complicated makeup schedule.

    From March 8 until June 4, the school day will be half an hour longer. Students will report ten minutes earlier and stay at school 20 minutes later.

    Students at Alexandria City schools will now have a full day of school on April 16 and May 28.  For elementary and middle school students, June 17 and 18 have also been changed to full days.

    Fairfax County Public Schools have yet to make a final decision on snow days.

    Superintendent Jack D. Dale says that based on what parents and teachers told him, he thinks days should be April 12, and June 23, 24 and 25.

    The Fairfax School Board will announce their decision on the final makeup schedule for snow days during their regular meeting on March 4.

    Other school districts across the DC metro area will likely release their snow day make-up schedules sometime over the next few weeks.  A chorus of groans from kids everywhere likely to follow.