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"Zebra Bumps" Installed to Protect Bicyclists



    "Zebra Bumps" Installed to Protect Bicyclists

    As the popularity of bicycling increases in the District, officials are working to keep riders in high-traffic areas safe. 

    Wednesday, new "zebra bumps" were unveiled along Pennsylvania Avenue in downtown D.C. Cars in the area often pulled illegal U-turns mid-block in the bike lanes, causing accidents and injuries.

    Bicyclists say they are glad to have an extra layer of protection, even when News4 cameras captured drivers still making the illegal turns despite the bumps.

    "You're always fighting with cars, trying to get in and out of things and you never know who is going to open their door on you or what is going to happen," bicyclist Leor Reef said.

    Zebra bumps are still in testing stages, officials with the District Department of Transportation said, and the bumps could be expanded or changed after the trial period.

    "I've been driving around here for over 40 years and [the bumps are] one of the best improvements I've seen in a long time," one D.C. driver said. 

    Drivers who make illegal U-turns could face a $100 fine.