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Tolls, Construction to Ease I-66 Congestion



    I-66 Plan Would Create Toll Lanes, Destroy Homes

    The plan to revamp congested I-66 in Northern Virginia would include new toll lanes. The project involves big changes inside and out of the Beltway. As News4 Transportation Reporter Adam Tuss found out, construction would mean big disruptions to both drivers and homeowners. (Published Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015)

    The Virginia Department of Transportation is considering tolls and construction to ease congestion on Interstate 66.

    Inside the Beltway, there’s no room for expansion, so tolling is the solution.

    “It is clear that is the best alternative that we have available to us based on the limited resources,” Virginia Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne said.

    The tolling system would work like the express lanes on the Beltway and Interstate 95: Pay the toll and you’re promised a faster trip.

    Also, the HOV-2 requirement will change to HOV-3 by 2020, making it harder to carpool but giving extra incentive to carpool.

    Outside the Beltway, toll lanes are planned with new entry and exit points. More transit options are coming, and some interchanges and neighborhoods will have to be reshaped.

    "It's going to be impactful," Layne said. "I wish there were another way around that. We'll try to manage it."

    About a dozen homes are slated to be torn down.

    “This is no one’s idea of a perfect project, but it is a project that makes a meaningful difference and will move more people through this corridor in the future,” Deputy Transportation Secretary Nick Donohue said.