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The Inauguration of President Barack Obama

The Inauguration of President Barack Obama

Parade and Ceremonial Swearing-in Held January 21, 2013

Plan Ahead for Getting Around on Inauguration Day



    Plan Ahead for Getting Around on Inauguration Day

    One of the biggest challenges of Inauguration Day will be getting around. News4 transportation reporter Adam Tuss reports. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013)

    Whether you travel by foot, bike, car, bus or train, road closures and other restrictions will be extensive for the inauguration ceremonies later this month.

    Bridges from Virginia into the District will be open. The only bridge closed to cars will be the Memorial Bridge. That is the biggest change compared to four years ago when the crowds were record breaking and all bridges were closed to traffic, DDOT said.

    "I don't think anybody is really expecting the same size crowd that we saw four years ago to come to this inauguration, but at the same time, like any inauguration, there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people coming,” said John Lisle of DDOT.

    Overall, the expectation for the crowd is about half the size of President Barack Obama's first inauguration.

    The Third Street Tunnel will be closed to traffic and pedestrians, and there will be parking restrictions and road closures as early as the Sunday night before the inauguration.

    Metro has already sold thousands of inaugural Smartrip cards. The transit agency says to expect the Smithsonian, Archives and Mt. Vernon Square stations to be closed on Inauguration Day. Some stations may be deemed entrance only or exit only stations, so plan ahead.

    The best way around may be on foot. Another popular method could be bike. DDOT said it will have bike corrals for Capital Bike Share bikes at Farragut Square and by the Department of Agriculture.