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New Metro Fight Video Raises Concerns Again



    Video of Metro Fight Raises Concerns - Again

    A new video showing two teens fighting on a Metro train raises concerns about youth violence on public transportation. (Published Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011)

    New video of two teenagers punching each other aboard a moving Metro train while a crowd of onlookers cheers them on is the latest incident bringing attention to youth violence in the transit system.

    Every Metro rider NBC Washington showed the video to Thursday said they've seen youth violence on the train at some point or another.

    "I think it's an issue that's Metro jurisdictional and community," Metro Board Chair Catherine Hudgins said after seeing the clip for the first time. "It's not one of us, but a combination of us, because that behavior starts somewhere. It doesn't start on the Metro."

    The fight wasn't reported, Metro police said, but rowdy school children on public transportation is an issue the force is aware of.