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Some Metro Employees Caught Using Cellphones: Report



    Shocking Metro Safety Flaws Detailed in New Federal Report

    The Federal Transit Administration revealed shocking safety flaws with Metro in its report released Wednesday. The details include train employees on their cellphones and a disruptive environment in the control center. News4 Transportation Reporter Adam Tuss takes a look at whether the report can force an overhaul of the the agency's leadership. (Published Wednesday, June 17, 2015)

    Federal Transit Administration officials say they saw Metro employees using their personal cellphones inside the system's control center, a new scathing report reveals. 

    An incredible 90 safety issues were pointed out in the report — 77 on the rail side and 13 on the bus side.

    The report by the Federal Transit Administration says miscommunication is leading to some Metro maintenance personnel showing up to fix problems with the wrong parts. The report goes on to say that Metro's own central control center, which is supposed to go through a safety certification process every year, has not gone through that process in years. The report also points out systemic issues when it comes to proper training within Metro.

    Metro's Recent Problems

    [DC] Metro's Recent Problems
    A closer look at some of the problems Metro has faced in recent months. Chris Lawrence reports.
    (Published Wednesday, June 17, 2015)

    "These are serious findings that strongly indicate that, despite gains made since the Fort Totten accident, WMATA's safety program is inadequate," said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx. 

    The FTA report says that since the deadly 2009 crash, certain safety changes have not been carried out.

    Metro says it has implemented change and made progress in strengthening safety measures for riders. Metro says it will continue to cooperate with the FTA and follow its recommendations.